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ZombiU – Review

Ubisoft; Wii U; £15


An underrated original

An underrated original

You wake up alone. Disoriented. In a panicked state and in unfamiliar surroundings. You awake to the realisation that you will soon be dead. Your only witness in this broken world is the disembodied voice that barks orders through your ‘Prepper Pad’ – a 21st century survival tool that’s an imaginative cross between a tablet and a Swiss Army Knife.

You are the latest recruit of The Prepper, an anonymous benefactor who anticipated the apocalypse long before it arrived, and who is now using you as an extension of his vast network of spy cameras and security systems to outlive the end of the world. You think of the survivors who’ve gone before you; the ones who’ll come after. You’ll meet them soon enough. Continue reading