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Forgotten Worlds

Earlier this year a friend and I decided to rent our own DayZ server. After spending a few uninspiring months in the Standalone title we had come to the conclusion that the Mod still reigned supreme, and so I took out a rolling monthly subscription with an online hosting service.

We installed the latest DayZ Epoch files, gave ourselves admin access, and spent a couple of days tweaking the server to give players what we felt would be the best experience possible. We crafted abandoned bases for visiting clans to inhabit and changed some of the landscape to encourage people to head out into the wilderness. We added new scripts for AI squads of survivors and bandits. Essentially, we wanted to recapture that sense of excitment and uncertainty the mod had given us back in 2012, but give it a fresh new vibe for players to engage with.

I think we succeeded. We were proud of what we had achieved; we’d created our own little post-apocalyptic wasteland and we couldn’t wait to see what visiting players would make of it all. We posted the server ID in a select few places online and waited…

And waited…

And waited… Continue reading