New Project: A Book of Drabbles

Can you tell a story in 100 words?

An indie author friend of mine, PT Muscutt, recently turned me onto the flash fiction website, which tests a writer’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space: every drabble story must be told inside of 100 words. You need a beginning, a middle and an end; a setting, characters, conflict and resolution.

The concept is easy to learn, but devilish to master. I’ve found it can be great for flashes of inspiration, forcing you to cram a narrative into such a constricted format. I’m constantly impressed by what the contributors to the site can achieve.

Pete has used the site for quite some time and has generated enough drabbles to compile into an eBook, Chrristmass Stokkkings For Terribble Childrenn. He has now suggested a joint effort of 100 drabbles set in the fictional seaside town of Skaggerston (working title).

Pete has provided me with 50 scenarios (or precepts), the first five of which I have listed below. I have already posted my first effort and I will continue to update this post as I progress. I have also provided Pete with 50 random scenarios of my own and I’m looking forward to how these stories weave in an out of one another throughout the series.

Watch this Space.

1. An insomniac, by the seaside, with a razorblade

2. A duchess, in a car boot, with a mobile phone with dying battery

3. Superman, in a lift, with a blow up doll

4. An evil clown, in a phonebox, with an incriminating photograph

5. Troubled celebrity, in a private limousine, with a cuddly toy