KDP release: Revenance (Book ONE in The Dead Hand Series)

My first ever eBook is now available on Kindle!

Sometime around mid 2012 I started hearing a lot of buzz about a new mod that had appeared for the Arma II engine.

DayZ was a zombie apocalypse mod that allowed players to experience the full horror of a first person survival scenario in a huge open world. Set within an incredibly accurate military simulator and featuring persistent servers, permadeath and a completely open style of play, the stories I was reading on blogs and forums were so compelling that they prompted me to build a budget gaming rig purely to experience this game first hand.

I was not disappointed. I was so engrossed and inspired by my first foray into this strange and immersive new world that I blogged about my experience (winning $50 in the process) and suddenly realised just how much inspiration could be drawn from a game where you essentially made your own story.

Over the course of a year I posted some more blog entries about my encounters and garnered support from other players around the web, who encouraged me to keep going. Alas, I ran out of steam after about six entries.

Fast forward two years and I recently stumbled upon my old blog posts. I enjoyed reading them back; the memories of my time in Chernarus during those early days was still fresh in my mind. So, with a little redrafting, a tiny amount of research and the addition of some backstory, I managed to craft a small standalone adventure out of the barebones I had to work with.

Revenance is the result.

At this point I don’t know how many volumes The Dead Hand Series will span, or even if there’s any appetite for yet another apocalypse novel on Amazon’s digital shelves. I am certain, however, that I will have a lot of fun writing them (Book TWO is already underway).

If you have read and enjoyed any part of my first serious attempt at fiction, please be kind enough to leave a comment or suggestions below. Alternatively, please consider signing up to the Dead Hand Newsletter (top right) to keep up to date on my plans for the series.

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