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Review – SNES Classic Mini

The King of Couch Co-Op is Back!


Cables are cool again.

A quarter of a century after Nintendo first showered gamers in golden 16-bit glory, the SNES has finally found its way back onto living room floors around the world. Faithful in almost every detail, this tiny rebooted console is, to all intents and purposes, the Super Nintendo we all know and love. Continue reading

Flashback – Review

VectorCell; PC; 360; PS3


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Anyone who remembers the original 1992 release of Flashback will know that it raised the bar for 2D cinematic platformers and changed the gaming landscape for the better. Heavily influenced by games such as Prince of Persia and drawing directly on the success of its spiritual predecessor, Another World, it cemented Delphine Software’s place in videogame lore. Although the developer went into administration ten years later, the title still holds the Guinness World Record for Best Selling French Game of All Time. Continue reading

ZombiU – Review

Ubisoft; Wii U; £15


An underrated original

An underrated original

You wake up alone. Disoriented. In a panicked state and in unfamiliar surroundings. You awake to the realisation that you will soon be dead. Your only witness in this broken world is the disembodied voice that barks orders through your ‘Prepper Pad’ – a 21st century survival tool that’s an imaginative cross between a tablet and a Swiss Army Knife.

You are the latest recruit of The Prepper, an anonymous benefactor who anticipated the apocalypse long before it arrived, and who is now using you as an extension of his vast network of spy cameras and security systems to outlive the end of the world. You think of the survivors who’ve gone before you; the ones who’ll come after. You’ll meet them soon enough. Continue reading

State of Decay – Review

Undead Labs; Xbox 360; 1600MS Points


How Long Will You Survive?

How Long Will You Survive?

In 2011, Undead Labs announced ambitious plans to develop the ultimate zombie survival simulator. Originally codenamed ‘Class3’ – in deference to the taxonomy of outbreaks chronicled in Max Brooks’ seminal book, The Zombie Survival Guide – the game’s intention was to drop players into the midst of a county wide undead epidemic, giving them free reign to put their skills and theories to the ultimate test. The result was State of Decay. However, releasing into such an oversubscribed genre in the same week as industry favourite The Last of Us, the game faced its own battle for survival. Continue reading

Farming Simulator Pocket Edition – Review

Giants Software; PS Vita; £6.49


A Diamond in The Rough?

A Diamond in The Rough?

Krone. Lemken. Kotte. Deutz-Fahr.

To the uninitiated, these brands hold no significance. But to anyone with an agricultural background, these names represent the epitome of prestige, ranking alongside Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz or Bentley. They represent the very best in modern farming machinery. And in the latest pocket version of Farming Simulator from Giants Software, you get to put these behemoths through their paces as you build your very own agricultural empire. Continue reading

Thomas Was Alone – Review

Curve Studios; PS3, PS Vita; £9.99


A Game About Friendship

A Game About Friendship

In October 2010, during a 24-hour game jam at Blitz Studios, Mike Bithell hacked together a flash-based physics puzzler using quadrilateral shapes of varying sizes and abilities. These unassuming rhomboids represented a group of sentient AI programs, trapped within a computer mainframe, who become self-aware and realise a common goal to escape the confines of their system. Continue reading